Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! Today seemed like the perfect day to ask my hubby for time to post about the birth of our baby boy. Our son, Spencer was born on December 5th at 11:14pm. It was an interesting and exciting experience that was extremely rewarding in the end. Nathan and I couldn't be any more proud of our healthy baby boy. Since he's been born our priorities have shifted to Spencer, and we are enjoying every minute. 

1 week photo with Spot his dog.

Pictures above and below taken on the morning of Christmas Day.

New Years Eve pictures below. 

In four days (January 5th), Spencer will be 1 month old! 

Monday, December 2, 2013


Well it's officially one week past my due date and we still have not gone into labour. It's very common for first time babies to be late, and a lot of our friends were 7/8 days late before they went into labour. We have a few Doctor appointments this week to keep monitoring my body, but if I haven't gone into labour towards end of the week I will be "induced." I will try to keep my digital journal updated..

Above at Toronto Fashion Week early 2013, approx. 4-weeks pregnant. 

Ultrasound pictures from 12-week period. 

Pictures from 12-weeks to 20-weeks with some of my girlfriends from Toronto, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver. My friend "T" below was due 2-weeks prior and has already had her baby girl! She went into labour 8 days late..  

Ultrasound pictures 12-weeks on left, 24 weeks on the right side. 

Our cat Nigo is patiently waiting to meet her little brother too ;) 

Ultrasound pictures from 34-weeks. I'm currently at week #41 now. Last week they estimated our boy currently weighs approx. 8lbs 6oz from an ultrasound check-in.

Picture below from most recent Toronto Fashion Week, Spring 2014 collections. 

Picture below at 38-weeks. Off to AOL's StyleList Holiday party. 

Our boy is really smart, the longer we wait until he arrives, the more I buy.. Found these awesome stuffed animals at Indigo Books + Gifts on the weekend. They had a buy 3 get the 4th free promotion so I bought these three stuffed animals, and we received a parenting book N8 wanted for free. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I want another piece of travel artwork for above the changing table. I feel in love with this boy and airplane print from Jolinne months ago. But I ended up buying the wall decal below from Graphic Spaces. I decided it would be best to use a wall decal above the change table instead of a hanging picture and frame. That way we can avoid any body contact with the framed picture above our changing station.

Friday, November 22, 2013


In a card I received from business colleagues I also received an Indigo Books + Gifts gift card. I was surprised to received a gift, but thrilled when I saw it was for Indigo. We have been slowly building up a library for our little man, but the gift card added 7 new books to our boy's collection! Here are all the books in his library we have so far.

I was really excited to find these books; This is London, This is New York, and This is Paris at Kol Kid here in Toronto on Queen Street.  London, New York, and Paris are three major cities N8 and I have travelled to together. The books are such a fit with our nursery travel theme and the art we found at IKEA. Hope our boy likes them too.