Monday, September 28, 2009


I have way to much black in the closet.. I feel in love with this colorful purse and decided to buy it in Montreal.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I bought these Steve Madden Oxfords a year a go, and although I love the style they don't get much wear. I have always hated the thick laces they came with. Recently I have been looking to replace the laces with skinny dress laces but always forget to measure the lace length before I leave the house!
Well last night traveling to Montreal I realized, the shoes are tight enough that they probably don't even need laces! And sure enough I was right.. The Oxfords have been reborn.


I packed 5 options for my trip to Montreal. How many do you pack when traveling?


In Montreal for some sunshine and coffee.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been rocking bangles lately, wearing my favorite red and gold (5 thin) bracelets with everything! I love how they stand out with a simple grey tee and jeans.
Today I found 3 great bracelets at Forever 21.

Friday, September 11, 2009


It was a good, memorable summer. I went to Montreal for a weekend with girlfriends, Vancouver with my boyfriend, hosted a lot of rooftop parties, had spontaneous late evenings, and shopped like an addict. Now that I'm writing my thoughts and plans down I thought it would be great to note what I was so obsessed with this summer...
Next is the list of everything I'm excited for Fall!

1. LIGHT washed jeans - I determined this early. I have a tattoo on my right calf I really want to cover up, and until then I try to keep my legs covered. Denim can be hot in summer so I went straight to find the lightest washes (skinniest fit), that would work for me.

2. Denim short shorts - I stumbled on a pair at H&M one day, I can't remember now what my mission there was but, as soon as I was leaving I saw these great vintage inspired, Cotton/Polyester, great button detailing, denim-looking shorts.

3. Graphic tank tops - I bought a few great staple tanks at the beginning but when I was about to leave for Vancouver I stopped into Forever 21 to pick up a few more, and they had a great collection of graphic tanks that were different and beautiful.

4. Maxi Dresses - I love the maxi dress, I have not owned one until year. It was a steaming hot day here and after work I decided I was buying a simple, inexpensive maxi at Forever 21. Well, they had the most perfect one for me! It went from being a minor, must need decision to an unbelievable score! The dress is in all of my 'personal-seasonal' colours, it has a charming vintage inspired floral pattern all over, and was really comfortable.. Definitely wore it more than I thought.

5. sandals, sandals, sandals! I bought 7 pairs this summer.. My front entrance always looked like I was having a pool party.. I keep it tidy it was my shoe display. They consisted of 3 Old Navy flip flops, 2 great Nautical inspired Payless shoes sandals in orange and aqua, a sexy pair of black patent with gold zipper detailing from H&M, and a black leather wedge with wood sole and gold details on the toes - got these comfy shoes from Winners. It was so much fun getting dressed and then deciding what shoes to wear.

6. My new Rayban sunglasses - I love Raybans.. They're classic, historical, and really rock n' roll sexy. I like aviators, but wayfarers are still my fav. I always walk by the Rayban display in The Bay when I'm shopping but just glance never try on. One day I noticed the price weren't bad at all ($170-$190), I was kind of expecting more.. So when the time was right, I finally stopped to try frames (on a hot summers day) and found the PERFECT pair on sale! They are black and tortoise, camel plastic but versatile, and cool... It was a good day..

7. Jergens self-tanner - I burn really easily and summers here can be brutal but how come I can never develop a tan with sunscreen? jeez.. But this year my friend gave me a bottle of Jergens slow progressing self tanner, and it worked wonders.. I felt summer kissed on that epic day I was wearing shorts outside, and didn't feel as if I hadn't seen the light of day.

SO, there's my list and a few good stories to remember. I'm glad I did this.