Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday was an all day affair in honour of my friend Sarah. Sarah is getting married in 13 days and yesterday was her bachlorette party. We started with an afternoon showing of Sex and the City 2 :) Which despite all the negative reviews, I enjoyed. I loved the fashion even Carrie's crown at Stanford's wedding. After we had supper and got ready for a night of dancing.

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Friday, May 28, 2010


Last night I attended Girl's Night In hosted by Canadian Living and Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario). The party was held at Edgemere Estates, a beautiful mansion over looking the water :) The day was hot, a little rainy at this time, but beautiful none the less..

I could live here..

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Growing up I have always been obsessed with music. I was the rink dj (mixed tape fanatic) through my years of figure skating enjoying Pop, electronic, and R&B. As the years progressed and I retired from skating, I mainly bought/listened to electronic, rock, & hip hop. I'm still listening to the same genres today, but when my friend asked me what my favourite type of music is, I realized, although I'm open to a lot, my preference is Rock! And the weirder the better.. Last night I saw Canada's own (from Halifax), Wintersleep perform and they were out of control. Such a blast every time.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Saw LCD Soundsystem last night :) They were soo good (of course), was a great show with great people, everyone was dancing, lots of hands/fists in the air.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


This spring/summer I have figured out my style is romantic, yet edgy :D
I picked some of my favourite looks from a few of my favourite designers to see if there was a romantic yet edgy, quality about them. To me there is definitely an inspired similarity.. I was happy to see (and start wearing :)) flowy fabrics, patterns, bright colours, pastels, and tribal, edgy accessories.

Spring 2010 RTW
left to right: Marni, Rochas, Dries van Noten

Sunday, May 23, 2010


H&M's 3rd annual collection for Fashion Against AIDS! I rsvp'd to the launch party on June 2nd. So stoked this year the collection is high fashion :)

My picks :D

FASHION AGAINST AIDSFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Saturday, May 22, 2010


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1. Wedges. No more flip flops at the office. Even though I'm always rocking a pedicure, it's not professional. But peep toe wedges are!!!!! I'm close to 6' so flats are my number 1 choice. I hate being so tall, because I'm so clumsy, and a ginger sometimes I feel like a gawky creature.

2. Boyfriend jeans. I'm letting loose this year! Just a little ;) Skinny jeans are great because of my love for oversized tops, but with summer a month away and humid days approaching, I can't wait to rock the my new boyfriend jeans :D BF jeans are baggier than my skinnies so tank tops and simple T-shirts will make a match made in heaven.

3. Oversized tops. Love tunic, but I'm talking about volume! With the heat and humidity from the city I love wearing loose and flowy. I was inspired by Chloe, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney's recent collections.

4. Coral, Lavender, & Mint nail polish. I would say, I'm unique but safe. Sometimes I've explained my style as 'no style, style' because I prefer neutral clothing, with the odd piece of colour, but instead enjoy wearing oversized, unique shape tops.. This spring I feel deep for florals, then it amplified with an obsession of coral/orange and lavender and mint nail polish!! It's been awhile since I've played with pastels, I feel the looks been evolved to romantic but edgy ;)

5. Silver accessories. All my life silver jewelry, last 2 years gold, gold, gold :) I think it looks good with the red hair :) With some great events and occasions coming my way in the coming months, silver has been choice. At Forever 21 and The Clothing Show I bought a few more pieces that I have been wearing almost everyday. I'm definitely not walking away from gold though, I'm mixing them both every chance I can! :D

Friday, May 21, 2010


My picks from Miu Miu's spring show.
This collection has had so much buzz, the cuts and patterns are modern, strong, and classic. I saw Chiara from The Blonde Salad in a cute Zara top with a pattern inspired by Miu Miu, I hope I can find it too, this is a collection to remember.