Saturday, January 30, 2010


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I love the editorial in ELLE Canada's March issue, Art meets Fashion: Museum-Worthy styles for Spring. It's shot inside the recently renovated Art Gallery of Ontario. After just flipping one page I see this great white cocktail dress with, what looks like open toe clogs! I read the description and sure enough, clogs from Spring shoes. I think they're great. I love the military inspiration with a simple dress or skinny jean, the fluorescent pink toes look fab, and I love that the clutches tassel salutes the fun Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 show.
After looking in to this phenomenon online I see the term, open-toe 'mule', which I prefer, makes it sound more vintage Paris chic. So as I expect a little ugly shoe debate to start in the fashion communities, I decided where I stand. I know right now I really want to buy this pair from Spring..

When Jimmy Choo released a capsule collection for H&M, I slowly feel for these shoes..

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


The shirt (from Stitches - say what?!?) caught my eye because I love that the Twiggy inspired model is wearing Marni! And the bold shoulders didn't hurt either ;)
This is the closest I'm going to get to wearing Marni for a while..

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LouLou magazine brought these little beauties in to the office this week. We were celebrating their Annual Golden Bag Awards. Vanilla too! Which is my fav.. After Angel Food cake :D

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Friday, January 22, 2010


I found them!! On Wednesday I decided I would check out the H&M under my office building for these velvet wedges I had been gushing over on Polyvore. I really didn't think I would find them, but with a little help from a salesperson they pointed me in the right direction. Not surprised they only had a few pairs left, they had 1 pair left in my size :D

I love the red. I love the wedge. I love these shoes. After I tried them on and deemed they were mine, the zipper on the right foot broke open and it was stuck on my foot! They tried to get it off but, no luck. I negotiated a fair discount to compensate for the effort I was going to invest in getting the shoe guy to get it off my foot, and fix the zipper.

I just picked them up today, and I'm still in love. I'm hoping the weather keeps the way it is into February so I can bust these out for my birthday and Valentine's day, only special occasions right now until Spring/Summer.

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My employer sent me to DPA Communications for a 2 day course on Adobe In-Design. It was amazing! I love working with computers and creative applications so much that, if I were a man I would have had a hard-on the entire time.. My teacher was the best. We shared our love for Shoppers Drug Mart and she has 3 sisters and 2 brothers, just like my mommy. Today (my last day) I rode the elevator alone at lunch and took a few pics.

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I won tickets to the Interior Design Show opening night gala. It was last night, these are the only pics I took. The booths were inspiring but none were as interactive as the Audi display. I wish I would have taken more pictures of our outfits..

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Monday, January 18, 2010


This past weekend was a big one ;) Kinda felt like my birthday but, it wasn't.. I just found some amazing deals! The scarf I found at Winners shopping with my lovey. We went to the most popular Winners location, of course I was buying my new Blackberry from a guy around the corner! My first kijiji/craigslist experience and it went well, except I own a Backberry not Blackberry because the 'l' is scratched out..
I was definitely not shopping for myself after that but I did find this beautiful Italian made scarf for $14! I love the length and pattern. Instead I personally shopped for my bf and helped find a few great shirts. He found some great dress shirts. He doesn't need my help but he knows I love it. Good man.

The purse I have been eyeing at Aldo went on sale for $24! A present to myself.

Love the wallet's functionality, here it is paying for sushi :D

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My buddy Adam from work (on the left) going away party was on Friday. Oh fun times. Mind you, he's only going to another company who services ours, so we will still see each other now and again I'm sure. But any excuse for the work mates to party and hang together, we're all for it. We can act like major douche bags without judgement. It's a healthy work family..
Any who, Adam's team all wore scarves in honour because, Adam has a small obsession with them himself.. I got in on it of course.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


That this dress is in Sonia's 2010 collection for H&M. I can't wait for Feb 20th.


Didn't know if I was going to hop on the velvet express quite yet, until I saw these wedges..