Sunday, August 23, 2009


If I could go on a shopping spree right now I would buy...
This 'leather' jacket from Joe Fresh

A cowl custom made by (etsy seller) softspoken

Maybe, a small Shoulder/Cross-body bag from Aldo ?
And these black ankle boots from the Nine West American collection.

Friday, August 21, 2009


We used my rooftop patio for the first photo shoot. Next time, we're taking this gong show on location..


Yes, we did it!
I have to tell you all the ingredients that go into a shoot like this are; little panic, kinda sweaty, a little scattered, tons of laughs, a great partner, and.. white wine.
I've been non-stop lately, a little to busy to tell our story from the 1st shoot, but I definitely want to do it again and get out in the neighbourhood, and off the deck.

What a good time, and workout. It's better than going to the gym.

What do we think of antique?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A little fashion show at lunch to document another great summer outfit. I call this look 'comfy on a summer day' - because I am.
I'm wearing my favorite summer find; my denim Jumper from Winners with an oversized sheer top (covering my sun-kissed shoulders) from RW&CO, necklace I bought at Simon's, and my Scandinavian Chief moccasins from Get Outside.
I have a grey DENIM vest that would look good with this outfit too..

I could also add some Lulu Frost inspired bracelets.. I better get crafting..


You get inspired. Or at least I did. Click on the title of this post to watch the vid.


OK I buy NYLON magazine all the time and how the hell did I not know about their TV series?!?!
I don't check out their website that often, I have preferred to lose myself in their magazine instead of their website. I discovered NYLON TV this morning while surfing on YouTube. I'm so happy I did, there are a lot of great interviews with Style Icons of mine.
Click the title of this post to check it out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Right when I thought was going to be my last post my sweet cat Nigo came roaming over looking for love. She definitely compliments my outfit, don't you think?


Today my bf and I went out to meet a friend for brunch. Right before we left we sat tight to let the thunderstorm pass.. Knowing it was rainy, maybe windy, I went with layers. Lunch was good, we found a great place I have never been to; Cocoberry's.
Did I mention my friend is a lawyer moving to Toronto? He offered me some time to talk whenever I need about getting my career setup. I'm really starting to see things progress..

Hat from a street vendor in NYC, bought a couple (thank god). 100% viscose white and beige paisley t-shirt from H&M, and one of my favorite accessories; my coach wristlet.

I love these light bleached jeans. Wearing a lot of greys, and greys with beige/camel makes me feel light and airy.

I also layered (and carried) a grey and black, cheetah spotted hoodie from H&M. I love the mixture of patterns and textures from all pieces involved. The coach pattern with the paisley and grey/black cheetah. missing addition: black flip flops - simplicity..

How would you describe this look?


Vacations are very inspiring..
I spent the whole time in Vancouver enjoying the relaxing atmosphere with friends and family, but always thinking about my goal to become a Stylist. I figure that as I get my life back in order I show try to document my day to day wardrobe as my personal fashion showcase.
I wonder if you will see similarities with previous posts. Click on the title of this post to see some of these pieces in a different light.

I love my new RayBans! such a great find.

Hottest new accessories: the klee kai dog breed. This is our friends dog Echo.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night we visited friends who hosted a bbq on our behalf. My favorite part was definitely the side photography lesson my girlfriend, Noni gave me.. Note to self buy white Bristol board to assist with lighting. ekk! so exciting.

50's CHARM

My amazing boyfriend bought me the new Vogue this morning! As I casually flip through the mag I stumble upon this Chanel ad. Isn't it gorgeous? Very prairie, elegant, Fall.. I love this look for late summer/fall. Warm tweed with flowy skirts and stylish accessories..