Sunday, November 15, 2009


After H&M announced Jimmy Choo (Tamara Mellon) was going to launch a capsule collection, they had mentioned there would be some clothing items. I remember saying to myself that I would be all about the shoes and handbags, the clothing didn't interest me. Even when the full collection was on the H&M website I never once looked at the clothing, just staring at the shoes and handbags over, and over. At the Elle party, as I mentioned before not all of the styles were available, and I was hesitant about shoes, because I can wear them out pretty quickly.. When I noticed this glam tunic I 'died' a little inside.. Overlooked and glad it was, I was able to grab this top in my size. It looks really good on with black jeans or leggings, and I am so stoaked!!

The belt doesn't do it justice in my opinion but just fall loose looks care-free and chic. Maybe it was good that I didn't see it with the belt before the party.. Maybe I would have ruled it out to early..? whew..

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