Saturday, May 22, 2010


1. Wedges. No more flip flops at the office. Even though I'm always rocking a pedicure, it's not professional. But peep toe wedges are!!!!! I'm close to 6' so flats are my number 1 choice. I hate being so tall, because I'm so clumsy, and a ginger sometimes I feel like a gawky creature.

2. Boyfriend jeans. I'm letting loose this year! Just a little ;) Skinny jeans are great because of my love for oversized tops, but with summer a month away and humid days approaching, I can't wait to rock the my new boyfriend jeans :D BF jeans are baggier than my skinnies so tank tops and simple T-shirts will make a match made in heaven.

3. Oversized tops. Love tunic, but I'm talking about volume! With the heat and humidity from the city I love wearing loose and flowy. I was inspired by Chloe, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney's recent collections.

4. Coral, Lavender, & Mint nail polish. I would say, I'm unique but safe. Sometimes I've explained my style as 'no style, style' because I prefer neutral clothing, with the odd piece of colour, but instead enjoy wearing oversized, unique shape tops.. This spring I feel deep for florals, then it amplified with an obsession of coral/orange and lavender and mint nail polish!! It's been awhile since I've played with pastels, I feel the looks been evolved to romantic but edgy ;)

5. Silver accessories. All my life silver jewelry, last 2 years gold, gold, gold :) I think it looks good with the red hair :) With some great events and occasions coming my way in the coming months, silver has been choice. At Forever 21 and The Clothing Show I bought a few more pieces that I have been wearing almost everyday. I'm definitely not walking away from gold though, I'm mixing them both every chance I can! :D

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