Thursday, September 16, 2010


With the temperature dropping and consistently low, I'm sure glad I recently bought a few new sweaters I recently bought. I really enjoyed wearing my new pony print sweater with jeans, and my new special treated sweater I bought in NYC :) I love summer, but I love fall fashion..

I love my new green khaki pants :) I want green khaki nail polish now.. My House of Harlow 1960 necklace looked fantastic, especially when I'm wearing my buckle flats.

My new fall flats. I bought the pair with buckles from Aldo months ago when the summer temperature was so hot, people may have thought I was crazy for buying them then. They were on sale, in my size, and gorgeous, I couldn't pass them up. Now that the temperature has dropped so early everyone is complimenting my practical footwear :) Score! The coral and quilted pair I bought in Saskatchewan, when I was back home this summer for my friend Norma's wedding. Even with a great collection already, I'm still yearning for a great pair of mid-calf, black leather boots...

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