Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have wanted an Arty Ring by Yves Saint Laurent for YEARS... What better time to possibly make my dream come true than in Paris!!! In Suzy Gershman's Guide to Shopping in Paris, she clearly advises to take advantage of buying French products/brands as they are a lot cheaper in Europe than in North America. Also noted not to focus on American brands as they can cost the same if not more. The other item on the top of my must have list is a pair of Repetto Ballerina Flats. Repetto is a French ballet shoes company, and they are known for their quality and array of colours to choose from. Right now I'm debating between red and turquoise coloured ballerina flats..

And then there is THE Cambridge Satchel I can't get over. Would be perfect satchel/shoulder bag for my professional lifestyle... The Cambridge Satchel Company is a UK brand, I may see if the satchels are cheaper when we're in London before and after Paris. I did spot a pop-up store on my street that is selling them too...

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