Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wearing this T-shirt I bought at Zara instantly brightens up my morning, sometimes waking up is hard to do. Especially if you were up late the night before packing... ;)

SO excited my new frames are in from Clearly Contacts!!! I'm trying to embrass my inner love for geek chic, with the confidence of The Man Repeller... I love these glasses because they're a modern take on a vintage frame/style. The math symbols on them are a cute touch. My boyfriend told me to bring my walking shoes to London and Paris, I hope he's ok with my favourite new sandals!!! :) You only live once and I am not a sneaker wearing kinda girl, unless I'm at a gym.. Also got my nails done and ready to go on my vacation. Chose OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. Usually we vacation in NYC every summer, so I decided to take a little NYC with me to Europe :)

Movie poster in my office, fitting because my last name is McBeth (no 'A'). Can't wait to see the movie in theatres out this Fall 2011.

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