Saturday, February 4, 2012


Tomorrow is my birthday and for weeks my fiance has been asking me if there is anything I would like to do for it.. In addition to upgrading my phone for my birthday he really wanted to do something for me on my actually birthday. After weeks of ideas this morning we decided on a road trip to Buffalo tomorrow so I can try to get my hands on some Jason Wu for Target!!!!! Here are some pieces I will be looking to buy.. It's also my first store visit to Target. I have never been before!

#1. Striped Sweater
#2. Top, bottom, dress, I have to see in person what's going on here. Tres chic!
#3. The Skirt

#4. My fiance likes this dress :) I like the bag too! ;)
#5. (My lucky number..) Top and Skirt here are fabulous. I really want both!
#6. I really want this scarf too...
#7. This bag is really nice and goes perfectly with the scarf..

#8. LOVE this bag too... We will see what tomorrow holds...

#9. Tote bag. I want to carry my purchase(s) out of the store in this bag tomorrow ;)

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View the full collection of Jason Wu for Target on CLICK HERE.

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