Sunday, May 6, 2012


I can, and can't believe I haven't updated my fashion journal in a week! Well, I can believe it because use I have been working a lot at my day job and my nights have been filled with friends, concerts, events, and wedding planning tasks :)

After the Anna Dello Russo for H&M accessories collaboration was announced this past week, an expression (among many..) that people picked up from Anna's video was "Fashion is my language," "Fashion is my Art." There are a lot of us out there that feel the same way. Whether you are Confidently Eccentric or Laid-back Luxe, I believe Fashion is my/our Art when you're fashionable archive fulfills a channel of your desires. This weekend I updated my beauty department on and off the court. Sorry, NBA playoffs is on right now...

Off the court accessory added to my collection, Ray Ban Clubmaster (in Red). I found a new pair of Ray Ban's on sale at The Hudson's Bay Company this last week! I had the lenses replaced with my prescription, matched the tint to original and really enjoying my new vision :)

On the court or canvas update, I treated myself to a hair colour rinse to brighten up my locks. Inspired by Scarlett Johansson and her recent performance in the movie, Avengers. I also darkened my Eyebrows to while I was at it. I dye my eyebrows (few times a year) to add more focus around my eyes and in-turn my brows are low maintenance for weeks! Except tweezing..

Still updating the canvas, it was time for a Manicure and Pedicure at my local nail salon. I went with OPI's Black Onyx for two reasons. I wanted black, because I love black nails, dark nails are chic and are a great anchor to bright and playful Spring/Summer clothes. Second reason is because they had no Midnight in Moscow. I should have taken my favourite OPI black nail polish shade with me but I still love the Black Onyx. Midnight in Moscow has red shimmer undertone to it which I LOVE. Lincoln Park After Dark has a purple shimmer undertone, which I still like but don't love. I adore red over purple. Details, details...

I love a lot of places and one of them is Shoppers Drug Mart. Working at Shoppers was one of my first jobs and I enjoyed everyday of it. I was a a Beauty Advisor  and was spoiled rotten. Discount, company love, I was rolling in the product! LOL. Another reason I love Shoppers is for their loyalty card, collecting Optimum Points. This past week, I pulled the plug and redeem my points to buy Chloe eu de toilette!!! It was one of many on my want list but it was the interesting warm scent that separated it from the competition and ultimately won. After having it at home for a few days I realize it's such a comforting, warm scent, I feel like it's going to be my favourite comfort scent on a rainy Spring day, and maybe best suited for Fall/Winter... It's 50ml so we will see if it makes it to Fall/Winter 2012...

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