Sunday, April 28, 2013


For my 30th birthday a few months ago (February 5th) my best friend, Meghan gifted me a subscription to VOGUE! It's really been the gift that keeps on giving, every month it's so exciting to receive the new issue of VOGUE addresses to moi. Here are my favourite pages from the May 2013 issue. 

The adaptation of The Great Gatsby is in theatres here, May 10th! 

My cat, Nigo and I are both crazy about this Chanel watch..

Above: curious what MARNI's fragrance smells like..
Below: Maybe a great alternative cover option, a lot of people on twitter were not crazy about the cover chosen for this issue of Vogue.

Below: Inside Florence Welsch's South London House. 

Below: An article about Salvatore Ferragamo's custom Vara's..

I can't wait to see the movie, The Great Gatsby!

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