Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today my bf and I went out to meet a friend for brunch. Right before we left we sat tight to let the thunderstorm pass.. Knowing it was rainy, maybe windy, I went with layers. Lunch was good, we found a great place I have never been to; Cocoberry's.
Did I mention my friend is a lawyer moving to Toronto? He offered me some time to talk whenever I need about getting my career setup. I'm really starting to see things progress..

Hat from a street vendor in NYC, bought a couple (thank god). 100% viscose white and beige paisley t-shirt from H&M, and one of my favorite accessories; my coach wristlet.

I love these light bleached jeans. Wearing a lot of greys, and greys with beige/camel makes me feel light and airy.

I also layered (and carried) a grey and black, cheetah spotted hoodie from H&M. I love the mixture of patterns and textures from all pieces involved. The coach pattern with the paisley and grey/black cheetah. missing addition: black flip flops - simplicity..

How would you describe this look?

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