Saturday, October 13, 2012


If you had $500 to spend at Holt Renfrew, what would you buy? 

Recently I won a contest for a $500 Holt's Gift Card. Should arrive in the mail in the next 2-3 weeks, so obviously I have already started planning the best way to spend the Gift Card. I worked my butt off to win this contest so I'm really excited to treat myself with the reward. From years of experience shopping and being obsessed with fashion I thought what I really want is a handbag or jewelry. Ultimately I will decide at the store as Holt's website seems limited in what they can show for merchandise that is actually in-store. From the website I found some great purchases or investments the gift card would be great for. I really want an Alexander Wang handbag, that would be the ultimate for me, but at this time I may need to stay realistic and buy my first Marc by Marc Jacobs I have always been interested in owning. I typically stick to black or tan when it comes to shoulder bags and shoes but  maybe I need to make an exception with this purchase, the blue Marc by Marc Jacobs I found online is a fabulous bag I would really like in a colour that matched our Wedding royal/sapphire colour. Coincidence?

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