Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Last night I went out with my work colleague, Kat from If you haven't heard of sweetspot, it's a great website for women. Kat took me out for Caesars and Lobster dip. After a few, we got a little cocky and decided to go elsewhere for another drink.. Well, when I'm with great company, it's always a good time. My head sure hurt today let me tell you. Oh well, Happy Holidays!

These last couple weeks I have organized and executed a charity clothing drive at work, Bags for Mags! When people donated, their name went in to a draw for a chance to win a year magazine subscription. Our company is affiliated with a great charity called, Dress for Success. They help people prepare for the work force who don't have the same resources everyone else does. We had collected over 500 pieces of clothing! I took it all up this evening and everyone was so thankful we had so much to offer. It was great to meet everyone, and see the boutique, I definitely want to start volunteering there.

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