Monday, January 18, 2010


This past weekend was a big one ;) Kinda felt like my birthday but, it wasn't.. I just found some amazing deals! The scarf I found at Winners shopping with my lovey. We went to the most popular Winners location, of course I was buying my new Blackberry from a guy around the corner! My first kijiji/craigslist experience and it went well, except I own a Backberry not Blackberry because the 'l' is scratched out..
I was definitely not shopping for myself after that but I did find this beautiful Italian made scarf for $14! I love the length and pattern. Instead I personally shopped for my bf and helped find a few great shirts. He found some great dress shirts. He doesn't need my help but he knows I love it. Good man.

The purse I have been eyeing at Aldo went on sale for $24! A present to myself.

Love the wallet's functionality, here it is paying for sushi :D

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