Friday, January 22, 2010


I found them!! On Wednesday I decided I would check out the H&M under my office building for these velvet wedges I had been gushing over on Polyvore. I really didn't think I would find them, but with a little help from a salesperson they pointed me in the right direction. Not surprised they only had a few pairs left, they had 1 pair left in my size :D

I love the red. I love the wedge. I love these shoes. After I tried them on and deemed they were mine, the zipper on the right foot broke open and it was stuck on my foot! They tried to get it off but, no luck. I negotiated a fair discount to compensate for the effort I was going to invest in getting the shoe guy to get it off my foot, and fix the zipper.

I just picked them up today, and I'm still in love. I'm hoping the weather keeps the way it is into February so I can bust these out for my birthday and Valentine's day, only special occasions right now until Spring/Summer.

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