Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today I went to see Tony Hsieh speak (I'm back in Toronto!). One of the very few things that inspired me to get out of a warm bed at 6am - besides travelling ;) I didn't know about Mr. Hsieh until I wanted invited to a Mackenzie Financial Speaker series, that the Globe & Mail hosts. On the invite there was a small biography about this young genius. He co-founded LinkExchange and sold it to Microsoft for Millions - I haven't even learned to use LinkExchange yet! :( And a few years later he takes from little to no sales to billions!! Selling the company to Amazon for billions! I have always wanted to have my own business and contract my skills out for jobs here and there. Or own a cute Internet cafe & book store :D

Tony's presentation was very inspiring. He was full of great advice, learning's and encouragement. I can't wait to read his book (Delivering Happiness) and learn more -"always educate yourself, personally and professionally."

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