Saturday, July 31, 2010


On our first day in New York after walking up 5th Ave from the Empire State Building to Central Park, I found a Juicy Couture store! I'm a huge fan of their lovely girlie jewelry, not so much the matching sweatsuits.. After walking into the fabulous store and being told all accessories were on sale, I walked along the display cases and started shopping :) I found one of the stacked ring sets I have been eye-ing up for months.

Oh what is this cute yummy gold piece? Not from Juicy but from a street vendor in SOHO, on Broadway. I bought a few necklaces I had fallen in love with on our second day but slept on it, and on our last day still wanted to have them. Out of curiosity I asked the two gentlemen how long they had been working their booth on Broadway for - 12 years they said!!! WOW. I must have been so charming (pun intended) and was really excited about my new necklaces, they gave me free reign to pick out an extra charm for free! Great way to end a vacay :D

p.s. the sweater I'm wearing is from NYC to :D
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