Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I love buying UK fashion magazines but are more costly (here in Canada) than our North America titles, so I save buying them for when I'm traveling - my treat! This time I bought a few on our Canada Day long weekend because there were not any August issues on newsstand yet. UK publications are great, it's nice to see some of the same fashion, but styled in a slightly different way. I also enjoy the European models and celebs that I don't usually see in the American ones.

Both these issues were June! I love checking out to see what happened and is happening in all over the world when it comes to fashion. These were great floral trend features I would have to say I got addicted to in spring.

LOVE Menswear inspired looks, great for work and play. Romantic, long Cavalli dresses are to die for..

Mixing of patterns, outfit to jacket is very cool, LOVE mixing pattern.. Wore a striped shirt and leopard print flats the other day.. Awesome to see a Utility jacket like the one I bought earlier this year.

Oh the white blazer.. Thought it may be to bright on me, over power me and my pale skin but I have tried a few on recently and they are stylish!

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