Thursday, February 10, 2011


Favourite pages from my March Glamour. Love Diane Kruger, Love the cover..

Spotted inside a patterned jumper, upcoming spring/summer trend? Probably..

LOVE, obsessed, inspired by Jil Sander's Spring 2011 collection. Colour-blocking is definitely a look I will be going for this year. I can't afford these dresses, or long Jil Sander skirts, but will try my hardest to re-create the look at my price point. I love, love, love maxi skirts, so I'm hoping to acquire a lot this season, and hopefully ones in beautiful solid colours.

Diane Kruger is one of my favourite style icons.

Solid, bright colours.. Loves it.. The all yellow look reminds me of my pineapple cup I rocked at my birthday party LOL.

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