Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ever since I was a little girl I would flip the pages of fashion magazines and dream about modeling and living in the big city! My obsession with fashion magazines has definitely increased from then, but there are soo many great publications. Now with Social media; Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Blogs - I love getting to know and communicate with the individuals and celebs (from around the world) who bring me so much joy and inspiration!

Magazines are great but I have a growing collection of Fashion and Art books. Majority coffee-table style, but I love flipping pages when I have any down time. This is only a small sample of the books I have. I will post about my others soon, just choose the books I have acquired recently, but I have some oldies that are goodies!! :) The next novel I really want to read (after I finish Front Row) is Blow by Blow the story of Isabella Blow. Came out right before Christmas but is very hard to find. Maybe I can convince someone to buy it for me on Amazon, my birthday is just days away.. LOL

I collect fashion films, my mom started a tradition a while back, buying me the new Sex and the City season every year for Christmas. This year she bought me Sex and the City 2 :). I have bought Coco Avant Chanel after being invited by Elle Canada to an exclusive preview, what a great love story. I'm obsessed with modern art, Factory Girl is a terrifying movie but feel like I have a little 70's New York artist vibe in me. So happy to collect The September issue, Grey Gardens, Devil Wears Prada, the list does go on.. Marie Antoinette I watch over and over, it didn't get the greatest reviews, but I don't care I loved Kirsten Dunst, the way Sofia Coppola brought the story to life, and of course the fashion and set designer are breath-taking!!!

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