Monday, February 21, 2011


Speaking of Studio 54, yesterday on Twitter Tom and Lorenzo were quoting a very charming lady, Florence Welch. One quote they tweeted form her was "Anyone who wears Givenchy Couture is a goddess in my book." On Saturday I had finally (after a year!) bought my signature/favourite Givenchy HOT Couture fragrance! I like coincidences :) Then they tweeted from Florence Welch, "Love the "You've Got the Love" video. The makeup and sequined leotard is so Studio 54."
Immediately I Youtube "You Got the Love" by Florence + the Machine, who is Florence Welch! Maybe you all know this, but I did not. Now that I do, and LOVE that song as well as the live Dog Days Are Over I bought in iTunes and Kiss With A Fist. Besides Florence being completely talented I thought was a coincidence she's fair skin with red hair (real or not it looks gorg!), and tattoo on the inside of her left arm.. I must meet her.. LOL :)

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