Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had so much fun with girlfriends, celebrating ELLE Canada's 10 year anniversary with the entire Toronto (some people from Montreal) fashion and advertising crowd. Hanging out with friends, colleagues, acquaintances is always fun but add fashion into the mix, and I get a little silly...

Above: Noreen Flanagan, Editor in Chief of ELLE Canada
Below: My girlfriends and I tweeting our favourite ELLE moment at the party. We entered for a Ladies Night package at Hotel Germain :)

ELLE Canada asked several Canadian designers who they thought the ELLE girl was. Here is a sketch by my favourite Canadian designer, Erdem.

I dressed smart-casual. I wore my new dark denim and white crochet knit cardigan, everything including the undershirt was from H&M. You can't see but I have on silver Juicy Couture crown earrings, wore my Betsey Johnson watch which was great thinking, the Pandora bracelet I got to make was in silver.

Everyone working at the party was wearing white ELLE shirts with Denis Gagnon's sketch from the invitation. On my way home I noticed a white shirt in the gift bag and crossed my fingers it had the sketch. Voila!!! I'm so excited it was, will try to archive this shirt forever... Thank god for my blog, if anything happens to it (over the years), I will always have the pictures.

I meet a few ladies from Pandora and they were telling me their jewelry doesn't contain any nickle, and every bead is handcrafted. They also mentioned the beads are handcrafted and taken care of by 40 people before they leave production!

The special bead I choose has shimmery black enamel hearts. I choose this bead as my statement bead because I'm a hippie (all about the love!), black goes with everything, matched my nail polish (OPI's Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow), and I loved (see! LOVE..) the juxtaposition and style of a black heart.


  1. wow this looks like a brilliant event!
    ELLE magazine is my ultimate favourite. my second favourite in canada (people style has to be the 1st) and ELLE uk is my favourite over here. you should give it a read sometime!
    i would be so starstruck to see the editor of ELLE here. she passed me when i was at LFW and i almost died, if she was standing in front of me for ages i just don't know what i'd do! haha.
    Only 8 more followers of my blog to go before i give away a copy of the brand new Christian Lacroix book.

  2. LOVE ELLE UK too! here are all the posts on my blog where ELLE UK is tagged:

    here is my "What I'm Reading" section too: