Sunday, March 27, 2011


Juno weekend, Saturday night, my oh my :) I wore my favourite dress I bought around this time last year from H&M's Fashion Against Aids collection. I had it drycleaned, didn't unveil it until I was about to put it on and notice a few hooks from this front were gone! The dress was broken at the 11th hour.. I remained composed and quickly (and still a little frantic) found a needle and thread, and gently sewed the front closed where the hooks were suppose to hold. Whew..

Golden brow shadow with lots of mascara and added lipgloss throughout the night. I painted my nails with You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI.

At The Masonic Temple celebrating a legend in the Canadian Music Industry. Picture with my first Toronto girlfriend and still close friends after 6 years. The amazing couple in the second photo with my boyfriend and I are a couple I met in Edmonton when I was living there 8-9 years ago. They are the most amazing, good hearted people who are just so cool and personable.

This morning waking up after a crazy night of partying until 6am.. I woke up at 1:30pm today and have to start getting ready by 4:30pm for the 6:30pm pick up. Tonight are the 40th JUNO Awards tune in and support Canadian Musical Entertainment talent!!!

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