Saturday, April 9, 2011


As the months progress the weather is getting warmer and warmer :) Today was the ultimate spring day, so my boyfriend and I went cruising Queen Street West here in Toronto and this is what I captured.

Flowers in the corner of our booth at our favourite breakfast spot, Beaver Cafe. Just down the street I wanted to check out my favourite gallery, Thursh Holmes Empire. I thought they were setting up another one of their unique exhibits, but they were actually setting up for a wedding! I thought they looked at me funny when we walked in LOL.

Sunny Choi gallery is always filled with paintings of female pop culture icons, they change the painting in the window regularly. I love clothing retailer, Jac Flash's window display, even if it's a clothing theme/story I'm not into, it's always really well thought out and perfectly dressed.

Another new furniture store, but when they are filled with quirky, vintage, modern pieces it's fun to hunt. Also spent time in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Love my outfit, loved sun bathing in the park, love old Toronto architecture.

Love those boots. Cute house :) LOVE my condo, don't get me wrong. And my favourite art toy store, Magic Pony. Magic Pony recently changed locations, a block East (see previous store front HERE). The new location has an even larger gallery in the back! But I'm still obsessed with the toys and books :)

These quirky pieces of art I saw at Design Republic. Design Republic is one of the best new furniture stores on Queen West. It has a huge range of vintage to modern furnishings at great prices.

I love this photo of a cluttered corner in Design Republic I took while testing out a couch. And last but not least, another picture of Sunny Choi's gallery front. Saw it on the walk home and they had switched the painting from a few hours earlier.

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