Saturday, April 2, 2011


Saturday I had a few errands to run, and had also heard Black Swan was out on DVD.. What better way to reward myself after waking up and being proactive to accomplish tasks to pick up a treat :) When I saw the documentary/biopic CONTROL there for $20 both BluRay and reg. DVD disc's!! My boyfriend also wanted a hard copy of The Strokes new album so I picked that up for him, and to complete the rock n' roll, eccentric heroine's I asked if they had 24 Hour Party People in stock, and they did... Then I stopped... :) Tonight we're going to watch Black Swan and clean our entertainment centre to organize and prioritize our stuff. Happy Spring cleaning everyone!

I recently bought OPI's black crackle polish, I applied it over OPI's Tickle My France-y. Looks so good, but took my boyfriend a while to "get it" LOL. I can't stop admiring them, I built my outfit around them :)

I bought this red t-shirt with black bow detail (hidden behind jacket), I was going to exchange it for something else, I found it a bit too sheer, but couldn't.. After getting home I thought when it gets warmer out it will make a great shirt and jacket combo with black/red pants and spring/summer shoes. I will rock it day to night.. Black jeans....

I had to pickup a new Kiehl's lipgloss. My boyfriend had won me a Kiehl's gift set 3-4 years ago at his work's Christmas party. This lipgloss was in the package and is the best gloss I have ever used. It's the only gloss I own that actually heals dry lips, not make them worse. Colour is; French Rose.

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