Sunday, December 4, 2011


With commentary :D

Louis Vuitton and Chanel ads to date.

Great timing with the animal mistletoe ad :)

Demi Moore is both gorg and recently separated from Ashton Kutcher, I wonder what's next personally and romantically for her. She's an interesting, powerful woman..

Obsessed with this BVLGARI jewelry and noting this lovely Jimmy Choo ad because, in recent news Creative Director Tamara Mellon has announced she's leaving Jimmy Choo to start her own lifestyle brand.. I really don't want her too..

LOVE those shoes.. One of my favourite outfits of 2011 is the Prabal Gurung red and pink outfit Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing below. I wish that it my New Years outfit this year..

Emmy Rossum and Katie Holmes commenting on their favourite colours to wear, which are two of my favourite colours to wear too. I have to agree with Alexa Chung and Amanda Seyfried reasons why they tend to shop alone.

2011, the year of McQueen and Middleton... 2011, hear of honouring the Street Style Superhero Bill Cunnigham. I have to buy that documentary.. Oh ya, it's Christmas..

I'm already thinking about what to wear traveling, dinners, new years eve...

LOVE the white tuxedo jacket.. And embracing looks from the 60's & 80's with a modern approach. Wedding hair ideas below; "fake a bob" and "bump a bun to the side" looks :)

Coolest shoes EVER.

Romantic scent (once owned Grace) and romantic sweater. Both great gift ideas for a lady.

I'm obsessed with sapphire blue... I have some smudge paint in this colour I need to practice with for a possible new years eve look...

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