Sunday, December 25, 2011


Just a quick post to continue declaring/noting my love for British fashion magazines. Overpacked of course, I went to the airport without any magazines but the company of my man so I was ok. Before boarding our flight we decided to pick up one magazine each, and out of all the magazines to choose from I was happy to grab the December British VOGUE!

I'm an online/digital addict but I still love my magazines. My first and only wedding magazine I will own will be this weddingbells magazine I picked out and received from my amazing man on Christmas Eve. Once our family social quieted down and left my man, parents and I relaxing in our living room, I cracked open my wedding magazine to see what the latest trends and fashions are being reported.

When women don't want to wear a white or ivory wedding dress, the traditional colour to opt for is a light, blush pink. I'm not your average traditional girl or bride so this appeals to me, but to wear a blush coloured dress it would have to be divinely designed like this one from Vera Wang. WOW. But I have ordered my Ivory dress and couldn't be happier with my choice. When I saw my dress and tried it on, I knew it was the one for me. They mention the ombre dress trend as well (remember Gwen Stefani's white to pink wedding gown), which I would do to mine Ivory to Sapphire blue but it's not a priority and even though it's unique and personal, I still love my dress the way it is now. It's perfect...

Love this wedding hairstyle, definitely a look I'm taking to my hairstylist. Braid and bun combo remind me of being a kid having my mom braid my hair and the bun from years of Figure Skating competitions. 

Great makeup tip here, opt for a lighter lip colour for the ceremony and a deeper shade for the reception. Definitely noted... I love lipstick and lipgloss... From the shades shown below as the examples I do really, really, REALLY like peachy-pink Guerlain lipstick shown (gold case packaging)...

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