Thursday, November 8, 2012


Recently we celebrated a friends birthday at the Foggy Dew. 

I was lucky enough to snag a Target dog character stuff toy for my work desk.

I was at Google's Headquarters here in Toronto for a seminar and this wheat sheaf wallpaper was on the back wall of the boardroom. Definitely reminded me of my hometown, Saskatchewan.

Our cat Nigo is "in heaven". Not only does she have her chair back (after months of blocking the seat), we have decided to give it back. On the weekend I placed one of my mom's gifted quilt on her chair, and she caught up on her beauty sleep ;)

Below are a sassy pair of Prada glasses that have my name all over them!! I really did like the pair I bought earlier this year, but I really feel that it's time for a BIG (frame) change. A few of my friends had a little influence over my big frames, but I appreciate the support.  

I enjoyed every minute of owning my current iPhone case, but after 7 months of wear and tear it was time to start fresh again. For the second time I purchased my cool, new iPhone case from!

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