Saturday, January 5, 2013


4 weeks from now N8 and I will be vacationing in the Caribbean! We pushed our Honeymoon Getaway until Winter 2013 for a few reasons, beating the "Winter blahs" was one of them. We also choose our getaway at the beginning of February because my birthday is February 5th and because it's my 30th, it was excited to hear N8 suggest celebrating it in Antigua! I have been doing A LOT of research and only because I love discovering new places and having some understanding of the streets and locations people may refer to. In addition to using our $100 Spa Credit with the resort and my plans to book an ATV Adventure in the Rainforest, I have read a lot of information on Antigua's English Harbour which is another activity that was just added to the list.. The list isn't a MUST but just ideas so we don't let anything slip our mind if we are in the mood to be adventurous. I wonder what we will end up doing... Looking forward to it!

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