Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Since Christmas 2009 I have started collecting Coach leather goods like I have never imagined. It was in 2007 a few years after moving to Toronto I found an original Coach leather cross-body purse from the 70's!!!!! A favourite era of mine.. I found it at a vintage store around the corner from our apartment in the Little Italy neighbourhood, for only $60! I knew the purse was a gem when I saw it and once I noticed it was an original Coach from the brand embossing inside, I bought it on the spot.

Recently Coach launched a Legacy Collection line aimed to bring back original styles from Coach's historical accessory library. As of August 2012 I have bought/collected 4 different styles. Previously to this Legacy collection being released I had purchased and received 3 Coach accessories, 1 being the 70's original Coach tan leather cross-body. Coach releases new styles each season and what I get excited about is the quality leather, craftsmanship and reasonable prices for their accessories.

Coach is gearing up to create/launch a Ready-To-Wear (RTW) line in the near future. Check out this article from to see what the President and Executive Creative Director Reed Krakoff has to say about it, CLICK HERE.
I found and bought this original Coach Handbag at a Vintage store in Toronto.

I fell in love with and Nathan bought me for Christmas this Coach Treated Canvas and Modern "C" Patterned Large Wristlet.

Nathan surprised me before Christmas with this very, very chic Coach silver and grey, modern "C" patterned wallet!

I purchased this black patent leather iPhone case which comes in handy on its own and inside larger handbags to any damage and have cash or business cards handy.

I feel in love with this Coach Mini-Mini Legacy Cross-body in blue, red and beige during the Summer. When I confirmed my iPhone could fit inside without stretching the leather, I was sold :)

Wedding Present from Nathan was this Coach Legacy Penny Handbag in Cobalt Blue.
This colour is VERY similar to my bridesmaid dress sapphire colour :)

I found and bought this sassy and "so me", Coach ocelot large Wristlet. I can wear this Wristlet with everything, similar to my 2009 Coach treated canvas and modern "C" patterned Wristet.

Nathan and I exchanged Coach leather accessories for our main Christmas presents.
I found and Nathan gifted the stunning Coach Legacy Archival Rambler Handbag in Black Cherry!!!

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