Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well today was pretty freakin' epic in my world. My work day was nuts, received approval on a company project after lunch and with some amazing team work and camaraderie, organized an event for tomorrow! After the dust settled and I was shutting down getting ready to meet with my school study group, I received some (I have to say it again I'm that happy) insane messages from some close friends. One is so top secret I can't note it until after it happens (coming up soon) I can't risk anyone knowing :D it's good news though. The second email was from my dear friend Norma. I have known Norma since I was 15 years old, maybe longer. We figure skated together. We were great friends, we still are :) After challenging each other on the ice, we had just as much fun off. God, I could probably ride a book about the funny shit we used to say or do. Today Norma asked me to be a bridesmaid!!! I am totally freakin' out. SO honored to stand f or her on her BIG day.
So I have had a lot of excitement at this point. Oh wait. It's my colleague/friend Connie bringing me a fun presentation - which I'm totally diggin'. The woman who created the site (co-founded w husband) is totally living my dream.. After our meeting I was thanking Connie for the Demi Moore Harper's Bazaar she dropped off last time, she pulled Gwyneth Paltrow!! I know some amazing people.
I also received a few goodies from chickadvisor :) Lancome Face Primer and Mary Kay Lash. I'm addicted to L'oreal Voluminous right now, I definitely promise C.A. that I will definitely participate in their product feedback community.
Cool stuff happening.
So after all that and hours of hard successful, fun study group time, my new friend Coralie and I had a quick drink at a classy restaurant across the street from the office. I think it should be a weekly thang.

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