Saturday, October 30, 2010


I picked up the November (American) ELLE. Here are a few of my favourite pages from the issue. Surprised Kate's styled with more of a Spring/Summer feel than Fall/Winter for the November issue. It would have been interesting to see Kate Hudson rock a "lady-like" inspired outfit. Military inspired, shearling, displaying some of the current trends in fashion. Love the cover but seasonally feels off. I like the look and sound of ELLE's ELLEMENTS of PERSONAL STYLE book. I love fashion and individual style, having this coffee table is definitely on my Christmas list.

I had to take a picture and not Jimmy Choo for Ugg collaboration. Lots of conversation of this people deciding yes or no. I'm not a big fan off Ugg's to begin with but I did see a pair online I would actually wear, the SORA design in Chestnut colour.. I wanted to note the editorial on grab bags because when I'm not running to and from work this is definitely the style of purse for me, evenings and weekends.

An article on Erin Fetherston taking over the head design role for Juicy Couture. A turn of event I was so happy to hear after I returned from NYC in July. I love Erin Fetherston's romantic, fairy aesthetic and can't wait to see how she evolves the Juicy Couture brand.

Fur, faux fur has been a huge trend this Fall/Winter and loved the editorial shot exploring the different pieces of clothing you can buy or be inspired by. I'm not a fur lover although I have seen a few vests that appeal to me, but fur purses however is still all the rage for me :)

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