Sunday, February 10, 2013


There were a handful of stray cats hanging around our resort. And although we didn't touch them in fears of flees, it was really cute to watch them keep to themselves and survive in Antigua too.

We enjoyed spotting the lizards/gecko's. 
These pictures were taken right outside our suite!

A beautifully decorated and furnished lounge for guests located in the middle of the resort by our suite, the bar, and the beach.

Below is, Eleanor's Restaurant which specialized in Caribbean Cuisine.

Restaurant, OK Corral upstairs and a bar below. Just a few of the 11+ food & drink options Sandals Grande Antigua had to offer at the resort.

Walkway down to Cafe des Paris.. 
Best Blue Mountain coffee and in-house made croissants!

My favourite prints on the wall inside Cafe des Paris. 

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