Saturday, February 16, 2013


March 2011 ELLE Canada Magazine celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and that's where I received a sterling silver Pandora bracelet, 2 spacers, and a bead choice of my choice. That was the beginning of my very own Pandora charm bracelet. 
Very DIY, Very Glam.

It was until May 2012 while I was in Las Vegas on my Bachelorette weekend I stopped in a Pandora to mark the occasion and started adding to my bracelet. I will never forget that special and exciting weekend with my closest girlfriends.

I have been hunting high and low for Pandora's "Happy Cat" bead and "London Bus" bead but no luck, they are ALWAYS sold out! I will keep trying though. Recently I purchased "Rose and Leaf" beads that represents our Wedding, and the scent of roses is one of my favourites. I bought the "Red Love You" bead to represent that everyday feels like Valentine's day with my husband, N8. Last but not least I bought the "Happy Fish" bead that represents our Honeymoon in Antigua. I wanted to get the "Suitcase" bead which has a small palm tree on it but again, sold out. 

Oh ya, "Camera" bead? Sold out too.

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