Saturday, August 17, 2013


My parents have been in town visiting and today we walked along Queen street to fabric shop for baby blankets. My mom is planning to sew receiving blankets and a few crib size quilts for our little man. Here are pictures of the fabric we found. Now I can't wait to receive the finished products. Hope our boy will like them as much as N8 and I do. 

Fabric pictured above was found at the first store we checked out. This car and truck printed fabric will be used for receiving blankets. 

This Superman and Batman fabric will also be made into receiving blankets. 

For one of the quilts my mom is making this Superman fabric will be used for one side. 

This Batman fabric will be used on the other side of the same quilt the the Superman fabric above is being used for. I'm calling it our Superhero quilt. 

All three types of Star Wars fabric will be used for the second quilt. 

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