Sunday, August 4, 2013


23 weeks along this crazy ride called, Pregnancy. Within the last couple of weeks I have just started feeling our little man move around and kick which is the most incredible feeling. Just recently had my first week without any morning sickness!!! Cause for celebration now that I can roll out of bed and not experience the dizziness and hurdle of getting sick before or at work. I apparently was one of many women who experience morning sickness for 6 months of her pregnancy. Now on to bigger and better things! Now on agenda we are at the painting stage of putting together our nursery. We have finally chosen our colour of blue for the walls which we are painting this weekend, and after this phase we will start building and buying the last pieces of furniture.

Gifts for our son below. 
First picture sent to us from my mom, she made a car seat cover! 

What I call a "Soother-Stache" below, a gift from business colleagues at Rogers Media. 

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