Monday, August 5, 2013


Months ago we spotted the London-Paris-New York artwork at IKEA and bought it on the spot. We knew we were pregnant at the time but didn't know it if was going to be a boy or girl. We thought it would work well either way because, N8 and I have travelled these destinations together and they hold a  special place in our lives. We are painting the bedroom this weekend and planning to hang the artwork as well. 
Will take and upload progress pictures soon.

The convertible crib design we choose only came in cherry wood finish. We thought it was really nice finish long-term if it's also going to be a toddler bed and full size bed frame.

This IKEA lamp provides a large, soft glow that vibes with the dressers. 

Birch Veneer Shelves above 1 dresser.

2 dressers from IKEA, one will double as a change table as well. The height is perfect.

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