Friday, August 16, 2013


Even before I was pregnant I purchase the oversized chiffon plaid blouse pictured below. I was inspired by my favourite parisian fashion blogger, Denni from ChicMuse who was wearing an oversized black and white vertical striped blouse from American Apparel in a post on her blog. Now that I'm pregnant and my belly is growing larger every week this chiffon blouse has become a much needed staple in my wardrobe, more than I thought when I was initially purchasing it. Now that I'm starting the third trimester of my pregnancy and my tummy is expected to double or almost double in size, this top may just be large enough to wear until the end. 

With the potential of longevity and enjoying the style of this American Apparel blouse I purchased it in the colours, Port and Blush today. They may not be colour appropriate for my "Spring" skin tone, but they have a romantic feel to them and the colours are great for Fall. Now I just need to pick-up some tank tops that will go well underneath and fit over my expanding belly.

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