Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well I only watched a few episodes of the new TV series Fashion Star but I was extremely impressed with the shows concept and especially the winner, Kara Laricks! I also really enjoyed watching Nicole Richie mentoring the designers and her stage commentary :) There were some cheesy elements (the music, Jessica Simpson mentor) I could live without, but I'm not the only person the show is trying to appeal too... I was instantly attracted to Kara Laricks designs in the few episodes I watched. Her inspiration of menswear in her womenswear is right up my alley! When I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago for my bachlorette weekend, I bought a Kara Laricks ivory blouse at Macy's adding to my collection of office appropriate daywear to evening for someone who can't make it home in between adventures... 

Getting ready for work in the AM. 

Cabbing from A to B... 
Wore my new top with my favourite pups-tooth patterned matching suit (inspired by When Harry Met Sally), I bought from ZARA.

This blouse will be a beautifully appropriate piece to wear sometime during the weekend of our wedding!

One of my favourite inspirations for Summer is Nautical and I love that my new Kara Laricks blouse has exactly that feeling for me with the mens tie inspired bow :)

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