Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last Friday I found this issue of HELLO! Style Icons at my boyfriends office. He had forgotten to bring it home to me.. tisk, tisk ;) Well I'm sure glad I spotted it under a stack of his magazines, it's an amazing issue! Earlier that day before I scored that special issue, I received my December ELLE Canada which I also spent the whole weekend flipping through. Apparently, ELLE Canada has an electronic version they can know send but as much as I want to save trees I LOVE flipping the pages and holding it up to my face, not squinting at the computer screen after a long day of work.

Yesterday I was feeling the blues. What helps turn my frown upside down? Owning the new Vogue and Marie Claire.

I picked up these amazing storage boxes from IKEA for my magazines. LOVE them. Need another set, two isn't enough I'm not ready to recycle any yet..

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