Sunday, November 7, 2010


Remember this picture from the LouLou magazine block party a few month ago? My girlfriends and I were so stoked to shop the fall/winter Joe Fresh collection and I feel in love with this sweater at first sight. I didn't end up buying it at the block party.. My gf's and I went straight from work, hadn't had supper yet, and while waiting in the two hour line to pay (seriously) we got to a point of 'hangry' (when hungry and short tempers collide) and ended up bailing on our Joe. We spent the rest of the evening drinking and eating at Hemingway's in Yorkville.

I'm so proud I choose health over fashion but sad I missed out on the sweater. My new job's office is conveniently located 3 blocks away. I called recently asking about their next big shipment and they confirmed Wednesday. Wednesday I called to confirm and they said Thursday. Thursday afternoon I made some time in my schedule and there to my excitement was the sweater!!!

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  1. Looks cozy! I miss Joe! Can't wait to get my fix when I head back to Winnipeg for the holidays!

    x Nia

  2. WANT that sweater... I'm going to have to make it to JOE tomorrow apres work!