Saturday, April 7, 2012


One accessory I stare at for hours but feel I haven't documented clearly enough in my journal, is my engagement ring. I have mentioned before but I want to share and tell here so some day it's written for our children to read. Nathan proposed last July (4th, 2011) at dusk sitting in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower, it was extremely romantic and memorable. In addition to proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower which was epic enough, he advised the ring he had in his hands was "fake" and that when we get back to Toronto, I could design the ring! Every girl or couple is different, and for us, shopping together for the engagement ring after the surprise proposal, was right for us. Nathan understands and respects my passion for fashion design and saw this as an opportunity to design the engagement ring of my dreams.. After a few weeks of diamond and ring setting research, this was definitely the design for me.  I wanted a simple, modern, classic band with the investment made on the best diamond and setting to hold it in all its glory so I could appreciate it from every angle. I wanted a mix of yellow and while gold so no matter what other jewelry I'm wearing, my ring will compliment. Last but not least I feel in love with a setting that contained a small sapphire in the front of the ring. I feel in love with that little sapphire and after discussing the possibilities of our family heirloom, the engagement ring, we researched and planned based on the Birthstone Georgorian Calendar we added a complimentary Ruby to the back of the band to represent July the month we got engaged. Sapphire on the front couldn't have been more perfect to side with Nathan on a Fall 2012/September wedding! We were deciding between Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, but the engagement ring helped make that decision for us ;) The last reason why we have a sapphire and ruby on either side of my band also represents the Tricolour Flag of France! Blue, white, and red! The day we decided on the ring, the diamond and stones also representing where we got engaged, was too good to be true. 

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