Saturday, April 7, 2012


Spring has sprung! Some weeks warmer than others, but I enjoy wearing layers of my favourite jackets and circulating scarves for warmth and fun. I have been wearing flats I found at Forever21 in San Diego during our Christmas and New Years trip Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011. After spring cleaning around the house I found my two pairs of loafer I bought at Galeries Lafayette, last Summer in Paris! 

What I wore:
Blouse - H&M Conscious Collection
Tweed Jacket - ZARA (bday present from Andrea!)
Scarf - Hermes  
Grandma's Rose Pin
Jeans - Pepe London
Shoes - Forever 21 San Diego
Handbag - Longchamp

Shoes from Paris!!! Left/brown pair are from EDEN.
Right/orange pair are from Fairmount. 

Happy Easter!!!

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