Sunday, April 22, 2012


This weekend we enjoyed days of great walking and shopping..

Graffiti on Queen Street I label here, "Queen Bee."

Above: Inside Umbra Store on Queen Street
Below: Inside Cafe Crepe on Queen Street (I could eat there everyday...)

One of our favourite stores for personal and home needs, The Hudson Bay Company.
Specific location; Queen Street and Yonge Street, Toronto.

Above: The Room's Spring/Summer 2012 display
Below: My new Top Shop knit jacket!!! I love how that it's an oversized blazer :)

Speaking of Menswear, wedding planning is coming along...

Back home or, "back at the Ranch.." ;)
Recent May 2012 magazine purchases; FLARE and ELLE US. 

New Top Shop Cardigan I also bought at The Bay. 
Vintage plaid Wrangler shirt underneath.

Afternoon Naps with Nigo our cat.

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