Friday, March 15, 2013


I had completely forgotten about H+M's Spring/Summer 2013 Conscious Collection that is currently out available for purchase in-stores (here in Canada). I saw a while a go Vanessa Paradis was the face of their advertising campaign via social media, but I haven't noticed a lot of communication since so it feel off my radar. Yesterday my friend Stephanie Flattered and I went to H+M and Old Navy during lunch (yesterday was dedicated to Brad Goreski at Old Navy) for a little shopping. When I got further into our H+M store I saw the Conscious Collection displayed out on the racks. I had done some research the night before, here are garments that stood out for me.

I couldn't find this top in-store, but I really wish it was..

Shoulder cut-outs, I don't have any pieces in my closest like this.

Blouses are my go-to work wardrobe staple. I love patterns and colour, the colours in this floral blouse are perfect for my "Spring" colouring; Yellow, Leaf Green, and Lavender.  

This dress is TO DIE FOR. 
My only hesitation are the gems sewn on the sleeve on the front. With any of my dresses that have a adornment I own, Dry cleaners warn, or won't launder it.

A lovely maxi dress but very popular on the racks, but I bought something else..

After editing I purchased the sexy white Summer dress with the cut-out shoulders!
I can not wait to wear this dress. I'm currently participating in a H&M Coachella contest, for a chance to win; a trip for 4 to Coachella. Coachella Passes, Airfare, Hotel, I'm in. Links to H+M / H+M Canada and TheFashionPA's profiles on Twitter.

Think Green!

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