Sunday, March 3, 2013


It was in March of 2011 I received a Pandora bracelet, 2 spacers, and 1 bead choice from ELLE Canada's 10th Anniversary party here in Toronto. Then in May (2012) I bought 2 spacers and 2 beads at the Pandora in the mall across the street from our hotel when my girlfriends/bridesmaids took me to Las Vegas for my Bachelorette party.

As of January 2013 I have picked up a few new beads to add to my bracelet. I recently bought Red Enamel Vines bead, Rose Leaf bead, Red Love You bead, and the Happy Fish bead all at The Bay here in Toronto. 

A look of my bracelet before adding Red Enamel Vines bead.

My Pandora bracelet is growing! 

Beads below are on the top of my Most Coveted List. They are always sold out when I ask for them in-store. Hopefully one day I will have  London Bus and Happy Cat, they are my Top 2 Must Have's. 

I would love to have them all on the same bracelet with a fairly common floral bead spacer in between each of the dangle beads below.   

Here are some of my favourite floral and sparkly Pandora beads that would make great spacers on a bracelet. Or in my/your own style they could also fill up an entire bracelet with all the gorgeous floral beads Pandora has to choose from.

I'm becoming really obsessed with this charm below. I want the double hearts to be the 1st and middle bead on my next Pandora bracelet. I also kind of want a tattoo similar to this bead design. The bead is  SO romantic and reminds me of a deep Romeo and Juliet kind of love, the "Fighting for Love" kind of love the play and movie portray. 


  1. The best thing about Pandora bracelet is the freedom of designing your own bracelet and arranging the beads the way you want them. And you can create your story on each bead that you will add to your bracelet. Your Pandora bracelet is, indeed, growing. I love all your charms. They’re all beautiful. ->Mitchum Jewelers

  2. WOW! I completely have a Pandora obsession at the moment as well :) I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for the name of a bead i bought recently, turns out its called Rose Leaf! thank you, if you have instagram, add me inono23 I posted my wishlist previously but I will be posting more pictures of the charms soon!