Monday, December 27, 2010


For Christmas my boyfriend gave me The Fashion Book :D It wasn't on my list, I was so surprised and happy to have it, it's a definite must-have fashion bible I needed in my collection. To keep up with documenting what I'm reading, this is a great time to note a few publications I treated myself to :) I treated myself to the December Vogue UK (airport purchase), and yesterday I bought Collecting Contemporary Art at San Diego's Museum of Contemporary Art. I'm officially in love with Taschen publishing, first they brought/I bought FASHION NOW 2 I previously posted, and now this Art book. I'm noticing a trend and read the sleeve, their personal passion for all things art I highly respect and LOVE.

In the DVD category I was very, very lucky receiving all the Movies and Documentaries I REALLY wanted :) My parents gave me Sex and the City (it's tradition I get a female/fashion-esque DVD every Christmas), my boyfriend's dad gave me Grey Gardens, and Nathan's brother gifted The Runaways - LOVED Dakota Fanning as Cherie Sinclair and the fashion/costume wardrobe.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. My collection of Movies and Books is growing I'm going to need a bookshelf all to myself.. Next years gift? LOL :D

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